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The 38 Pattern Form of Yuanmen Taichi

元門功法  > 太極拳  >元門 38 勢太極拳

"元門38式太極拳圖"取自官貴中老師著作--正身:元門38勢太極拳入門功法  (台灣商務印書館出版)。

(1)太極起勢 Commence Movement
(2)攬雀尾 Lan-Chu-Wei/Grasp the Sparrow's Tail 
(3)提手 Ti-Shou/Lift Hands 
(4)白鶴亮翅 Bai-He-Liang-Chih/White Crane Flapping Its Wings
(5)摟膝斜行 Lou-Si-Sie-Sing/Brush the Knees and Walk Obliquely
(6)手揮琵琶 Shou-Huei-Pi-Pa/Hand Strumming the Pipa
(7)豹虎歸山 Bao-Hu-Guei-Shan/Leopard and the Tiger Return to the Mountain
(8)肘底看捶 Jhou-Di-Kan-Chuei/Punch under the Elbow
(9)倒攆猴 Dao-Nian-Hou/Step Back to Thrust the Monkey
(10)斜飛勢 Sie-Fei-Shih/Fly Diagonally
(11)海底針 Hai-Di-Jhen/Needle at Sea Bottom
(12)山通臂 Shan-Tong-Bei/Push through the Mountain
(13)雲手 Yun-Shou/Cloud Hand
(14)高探馬 Gao-Tan-Ma/High Pat on Horse
(15)分腳 Fe-Jiao/Separate Foot
(16)轉身蹬跟 Jhuan-Shen-Deng-Gen/Turn the Body and Kick with Heel
(17)摟膝栽捶 Lou-Si-Zai-Chuei/Brush the Knees and Strike Down with Fist
(18)撇身捶 Pie-Shen-Chuei/Twist Body and Circle Fist
(19)二起腳 Er-Ci-Jiao/Second Raise Foot Kick
(20)披身伏虎 Pi-Shen-Fu-Hu/Draping the Body to Subdue the Tiger
(21)踢腳蹬跟 Ti-Jiao-Deng-Gen/Kick Leg and Kick with Heel
(22)單風灌耳 Dan-Fong-Guan-Er/Single Wind Passes through the Ear
(23)野馬分鬃 Ye-Ma-Fong-Zong/Horse Part Its Mane
(24)玉女穿梭 Yu-Nyu-Chuan-Suo/Fair Lady Weaves with Shuttle
(25)單鞭下勢 Dan-Bian-Sia-Shih/Low Single Whip
(26)金雞獨立 Jin-Ji-Du-Li/Golden Rooster Standing on One Leg
(27)上步壓肘 Shang-Bu-Ya-Jhou/Step Forward and Press Down the Elbow
(28)十字擺腿 Shih-Zih-Bai-Tuei/Cross Legs
(29)指襠捶 Jhih-Dang-Chuei/Punch Down
(30)單鞭上勢 Dan-Bian-Shang-Shih/Single Whip and Raise Hands
(31)上步七星 Shang-Bu-Chi-Shing/Step Forward to Seven Stars
(32)卸步跨虎 Sie-Bu-Kua-Hu/Step Back to Ride the Tiger
(33)雙擺蓮腿 Shuang-Bai-Lian-Tuei/Double Lotus Kicks
(34)彎弓射虎 Wan-Gong-She-Hu/Draw the Bow and Shoot the Tiger
(35)搬攔捶 Bai-Lan-Chuei/Twist Body and Circle Fist
(36)如封似閉 Ru-Fong-Sih-Bi/Seal Tightly
(37)十字手 Shih-Zih-Shou/Cross Hands
(38)合太極 He-Tai-Chi/Close Tai Chi



元門太極拳 38 勢功法 

The 38 pattern forms of Yuanmen Taichi







The 38 pattern forms of Yuanmen Taichi are derived from traditional Chinese health preservation practices, incorporating the wisdom embodied in daoyin qigong (a therapeutic exercise system that combines physical movements, meditation, and regulated breathing) and breathing techniques. Integrating the aforementioned, Yuanmen Taichi has developed a series of movements that focuses on lifting the groin muscles and regulating one’s breathing while working along the longitudinal axis and in the oblique direction. The movements also concentrate on subtle, slow, even, long, and deep breathing adjustments. 










The muscles and bones are stretched while practicing these movements. When exhaling waste air and introducing new oxygen, the body’s vital energy channels and meridians are expanded. The practice also trains the spine to engage in contorting movements, which can help to correct any sideways curvature of the spine, strengthen the immunity system, and revitalize organ functionally. 





The bones and muscles are stretched and relaxed through movements practiced against a beam, reinvigorating the body’s vital energy channels and meridians and training the body to be softer and more flexible. In this way, the practitioner's body energy, and mind are elevated, achieving health preservation at three different levels.


攝心、 煉氣、 漸次入定,  


While practicing the movements, the aim is to be in touch with the heart and to refine one’s inner energy while gradually attaining a state of focused meditation. As a result, the further goals of regulating the mind, nourishing the body, and stabilizing character are achieved.

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