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Entry Level

元門功法  > 結趺太極  >  入門修練版

結趺太極拳 (入門​修練版)


Pallaṅka means “cross-legged,” and Pallaṅka Tai Chi is a more in-depth form of training, focusing on hand gestures and forms with exercises targeted at the diaphragm. Inner exercise is practiced through vocal chanting, helping to expel exhausted energy stored in the body, replacing it with positive oxygen-rich energy. This can help to revitalize one’s vital essence and improve the body’s metabolism, immunity, and organ functionality.



Pallaṅka Tai Chi is practiced sitting down with the legs crossed. The lower body is not engaged in this form of training; therefore, although originally designed with advanced Tai Chi movements, this particular form of practice is also suited to beginners with physical impairments and can help promote their physical developments.



The Pallaṅka Tai Chi course consists of 20 weeks of training, with new progress and practice points highlighted each week. The muscles and bones are stretched while practicing the movements; exhaling waste air and introducing new oxygen relaxes the body’s vital energy channels and meridians. The practice also trains the spine with contorting motions, helping to revitalize the immune system and organ functionality.

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