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Pallaṅka Tai Chi (sitting cross-legged Pattern)

元門功法  > 結趺太極拳

【元門結趺太極拳】 已於輔仁大學社科院,所主辦的 <105 年 「雅樂舞與文化創生」行動研究計畫 期末成果報告> 會議, 公開發表功法與教學成果。


1. Commence Tai Chi Movement (right)
2. Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail (left)
3. Raise the Hand Upwards (right)
4. Leopard and the Tiger Return to the Mountain~ press, push, hold up (left)
5. Right Cloud Hand (right)
6. Left High Pat on Horse (left)
7. Twist Body and Circle Fist (right)
8. Press the Right and Left Elbows

9. Single Whip and Raise Hands (left)
10. Deflect and Punch (right)
11. Seal Tightly (left)
12. Cross Hands (right)
13. Close Tai Chi

進階提昇篇 Advanced Level

Advanced Palla ka (cross-legged) Tai Chi is a rhythmic breathing and heart
purifying relaxation technique to tone the mind and the heart, which ​allows for improved health​ throughout the body. The muscles and bones are stretched while
practicing the movements, and exhaling waste air and introducing new oxygen
relaxes the body’s vital energy channels and meridians...

入門修練版 Entry Level

Pallaṅka Tai Chi is practiced sitting down with the legs crossed. The lower body is not engaged in this form of training; therefore, although originally designed with advanced Tai Chi movements, this particular form of practice is also suited to beginners with physical impairments and can help promote their physical developments...
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