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Basic Martial Arts For Children

結合東方武術的基本肢體訓練,其鍛練可提高身體素質,內可強壯身體內臟功能,外可強化身手協調。 通過內外的配合,促進身體機能的新陳代謝,加強肌耐力,提高伸展性與身體的覺察力與平衡感,並整合肌肉、神經、意志的協調。

This basic physical form of training with elements of Eastern martial arts can help to improve physical strength, fortify organ functionality, and reinforce external physical coordination. A harmonious coordination between one's internal and external elements allows the body’s metabolic system to be improved, the muscles to be strengthened, and one’s flexibility, physical awareness, and balance to be enhanced, achieving an integrated coordination between the muscles, the nerves, and the mind.



The Content of the course:

Includes hand gestures, body movements, foot movements, flexing and extending, jumps, somersaults, rolling, crawling, and other movements.

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