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Children/Teens Tai Chi Series

元門功法  > 兒少成長太極系列


The Children/Teens Tai Chi Series is a form of Eastern integrated perceptual training. It integrates prominent features from basic Eastern martial arts movements and can help to improve physical flexibility, elongate one’s physique, and enhance joints nimbleness. Physical posture can be corrected through training that incorporates basic martial arts foot movements, enhancing muscle coordination and the nervous system.  This series of martial arts practice can also help to improve children’s capacity to concentrate and their muscle strength. Children can attain a more stabilized character through this physical training and practice how to remain calm and collected while engaging in movements; they can also acquire a more positive self-motivated attitude toward learning.

結合東方武術的基本肢體訓練,其鍛練可提高身體素質,內可強壯身體內臟功能,外可強化身手協調。 通過內外的配合,促進身體機能的新陳代謝,加強肌耐力,提高伸展性與身體的覺察力與平衡感,並整合肌肉、神經、意志的協調。

This basic physical form of training with elements of Eastern martial arts can help to improve physical strength, fortify organ functionality, and reinforce external physical coordination...





Derived from essential Tai Chi movements and coupled with physical stretches, this form of training can help nourish one’s vital energy. Through repeated movements that are rounded, soft, and rhythmic with a wave-like manner, the body can become softer and more flexible...



This is a physical form of training that integrates elements of basic martial arts with a focus on regulating the body and mind. The course begins with basic warm-ups and stretches and then progresses into basic martial arts movements, followed by Taichi Chuan and then by a closing and breathing adjustment exercise...


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