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13 Tai Chi Chuan for Children


This is a physical form of training that integrates elements of basic martial arts with a focus on regulating the body and mind. The course begins with basic warm-ups and stretches and then progresses into basic martial arts movements, followed by Tai Chi Chuan and then by a closing and breathing adjustment exercise. The wrapping and turning off both hands practiced in Tai Chi promotes in-depth coordination and balance of the right and left halves of the brain. Initially, children may find the training physically challenging, but after they become physically stronger, it will become easier. In addition to improving physical health, the exercises allow children to learn about themselves both physically and mentally and become aware of their strength adaptability.


13式 Thirteen Movements: 

第一式 太極起勢 1st Movement: Commence Tai Chi Movement
第二式 攬雀尾 2nd Movement: Lan-Chu-Wei/Grasp the Sparrow's Tail
第三式 提手    3rd Movement: Ti-Shou/Raise Hands
第四式 白鶴亮翅 4th Movement: Bai-He-Liang-Chih/White Crane Flapping Its Wings
第五式 摟膝斜行 5th Movement: Lou-Si-Sie-Sing/Brush Knees and Walk Obliquely
第六式 庇身捶 6th Movement: Pie-Shen-Chuei/Shield Body Punch
第七式 單風灌耳 7th Movement: Dan-Fong-Guan-Er/Single Wind Passes through the Ear
第八式 單鞭上勢 8th Movement: Dan-Bian-Shang-Shih/Single Whip and Raise Hands
第九式 上步七星 9th Movement: Shang-Bu-Chi-Shing/Step Forward to Seven Stars
第十式 卸步跨虎 雙擺蓮腿 10th Movement:

Sie-Bu-Kua-Hu/Step Back to Ride the Tiger, Double Lotus Kicks

第十一式 彎弓射虎 搬攔捶 11th

Movement: Wan-Gong-She-Hu/Bend the Bow to Shoot the Tiger, Deflect and Punch

第十二式 如封似閉 十字手 12th Movement:

Ru-Fong-Sih-Bi Shih-Zih-Shou/Tightly Sealed Cross Hands

第十三式 合太極 13th Movement: He-Tai-Chi/Close Tai Chi

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