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Tai Chi Ball for Children


Derived from essential Tai Chi movements and coupled with physical stretches, this form of training can help nourish one’s vital energy. Through repeated movements that are rounded, soft, and rhythmic with a wave-like manner, the body can become softer and more flexible. By moving the four limbs up, down, in and out, as well as extending, contorting, and rotating them, the resulting intangible and tangible interactions can help stimulate brain development and soften the spine, bring about positive growth and a heightened degree of vital energy. The practice of these movements can moderately help with alleviating physical and mental stress while improving the potential of a child's developing body.



The size of the ball should be approximately 6.5 inches in diameter. A volleyball or dodgeball can be used.


拳招架式 Movements 
一、 太極起式 Commence Tai Chi

二、 雲手 Yun-Shou/Cloud Hand
三、 出洞 Chu-Dong/Come Out of the Cave
四、 戲水 Si-Shuei/Frolic in Water
五、 纏腰 Chan-Yao/Wrap the Waist
六、 探爪 Tan-Jhua/Claws Out
七、 戲珠 Si-Jhu/Play with the Ball
八、 過江 Guo-Jiang/Cross the River
九、 擺尾 Bai-Wei/Swing the Tail
十、 托天 Tuo-Tian/Hold up the Sky
十一、 絞柱 Jiao-Jhu/Twisted Column 
十二、 歸元 Guei-Yuan/Return to Origin

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