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About Yuanmen

宗旨 Mission & Vision

In 2007, the Yuanmen Taichi Martial Arts Center was established to promote the martial art of Tai Chi and hold many charitable events to benefit disadvantaged groups in Taiwan. Our goal for those who join Yuanmen is to help them develop physically, mentally, and spiritually while encouraging them to do more for society.

元門功法創始人 暨 總教練 官貴中 Yuanmen Taichi Chuan Inventor Guan, Guei-jhong/Head Coach

@ 獲獎紀錄:2014全國社區大學優良教師獎 / 2015台北市學習型城市~成人教育楷模獎
@ 現職太極拳教師:清華大學教職員班。台北中正、文山社區大學。台北捷運總公司。
@ 出版:<正身—元門38勢太極拳入門功法> /台灣商務印書館

掌門 吳素真 Director Wu, Susan Su-Chen

元門太極學苑  掌門
● 佛光大學外國語文學系 副教授
● 政治大學/宗教研究所 博士班
● Yuanmen Taichi Martial Arts Center/Director
● Fo Guang University/Foreign Languages and Cultures Department/Associate Professor
● National Chengchi University/Graduate Institutes of Religious Studies/PH.D Program Student

題字 Yuanmen Calligraphy Designer

感恩 韓國國寶畫僧 殊眼禪師慈悲,賜 [元門太極學苑] 與福慧雙修, 書法字畫

記事 Chronological Events

元門開課、演講、表演、公益共修記事 。
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