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公益活動 Charity > 朝山禮懺 Mountain Pilgrimage

Mountain Pilgrimage

自2007年起  每年1月、 4月、 7月、10月於土城承天禪寺,舉辦朝山祈福、禮懺靜心活動。


Since 2007, we have been holding an event for prayer, worship, confession, and calming the mind at the Chengtian Chan Temple in Tucheng every January, April, July, and October.

朝山  可能容易 可能不容易
三步一跪拜, 要練的是 耐力、專注
三步一跪拜, 要學的是 柔軟、謙卑與放下
三步一跪拜, 要養的是 正氣、正念

These pilgrimages may be easy – or not.

Part of the event includes:

A series of three steps and one prostration to practice endurance and concentration.

A series of three steps and one prostration to train up our flexibility, humility, and capacity to let go.

A series of three steps and one prostration to cultivate moral living and mindfulness.

朝山是 靜心、淨心、反躬自省的過程
學習 彎腰、屈膝、跪拜  禮敬天地

A mountain pilgrimage is a process for calming and cleansing the mind and self-examination in which one learns to bend, kneel, and prostrate oneself in veneration of all nature.

相信敬天敬地, 祈福感恩的力量

With every three steps and prostration, we place faith in the power of humility, confession, veneration of nature, prayer for blessings, and thanksgiving.


On the journey of prostration and veneration, we also practice proper breathing and the moderation of our mental tempo.


Sincere devotion during this event is certain to generate positive energy.


All students and friends of Yuanmen are warmly invited to participate in these quarterly mountain pilgrimages!

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