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Coffin Donations

施 棺 濟 助  (說明)

元門自2013年6月開始, 作貧困施棺救助公益活動, 合作的單位為財團法人私立弘化同心共濟會, 施棺捐贈者,將收到受施對象往生者的清寒證明書、死亡證明書、戶口名簿影本等相關證明文件影本一份,並由鄉鎮市公所、民眾服務社、各大醫院之社會服務部、社會局、社會福利服務中心等正式發函或轉介.施棺捐贈以一單位 5,500元計算.其中5,000元由本會轉捐喪家之代金(含火葬費、骨灰罈、火葬時棺材費),500元為財團法人私立弘化同心共濟會之行政作業費用.元門將每三個月,同捐米匯整公告。

In June 2013, Yuanmen initiated a charity event in cooperation with the Hong Hua Charity Organization for donating coffins to poor families. Those who donate coffins will receive copies of the deceased’s low-income status certificate, certificate of death, and household registry. Then local public offices, public service centers, social service departments of major hospitals, social affairs bureaus, and social welfare centers will arrange the related official documentation/referrals. Each coffin donation is NTD5,500: NTD5,000 of that will be given to the family of the deceased for the purpose of paying funeral expenses (including fees for the cremation, urn, and coffin), while the remaining NTD500 will go to the Hong Hua Charity Organization for administrative fees. Every three months, Yuanmen will publicly post these donations along with those for the rice charity events.

回向 施棺者家親眷屬

回向 受施往生者

These coffin donations will result in transfers of merit to the families of the donors, which will help to eliminate bad karma and related sickness, promoting physical and mental peace. It will also result in transfers of merit to the deceased to help them on their way to their desired destination after death, attain Buddha’s protection, and move upward in the next life toward the final objective of attaining Buddhahood.


聯絡電話:(03)3837591 (03)3837596 傳真:(03)3934082


服務項目: 施棺每具5,000元。
服務地區: 全省各地(不限地區)。
服務對象: 全省各地有需要者。
服務時間: 上午9~12:00,下午1:30~5:30。
申請條件: 有清寒證明者。
申請手續: 備清寒證明書正本、死亡證明書、戶口名簿影本等,由鄉鎮市公所、民眾服務社、各大醫院之社會服務部、社會局、社會福利服務中心等正式發函或轉介,不接受個人申請。死亡證明書等
經費來源: 由社會善心人士捐助。

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